Fifty Shades of Grey

3 Things You Must Know Before Recreating Fifty Shades of Grey In Bedroom


Before the film series of Fifty Shades sweeping the globe, BDSM was so sensitive a topic that rarely comes up in public. The scenario highlighting the lifestyle of BDSM has pushed it a lot into the mainstream and inspired many people’s curiosities. You’re longing to jazz up your sex life. Nonetheless, the movie doesn’t show authentic BDSM activities completely. Many advanced players have declared that the way it portrays BDSM isn’t accurate and even misleading for beginners. So we summarize 3 things you must know before recreating BDSM activities in your bedrooms.

Consensual is essential

The movie tells the love story between Anastasia, a middle-class senior, and Christian, a young CEO. After a few weeks of dating, Anastasia discovers Christian is addicted to kinky sex. She is required to be Christian’s submissive and sign a confidentiality contract. Ana accepts everything out of love. Every time he pushes her limits, she swallows her pain and never says no. This is a big misconception about BDSM. We must emphasize that consensual is essential for all BDSM play to be successful and mutually gratifying. Both of you have the responsibility to inform the other one of what you want and do not want as well as keep your lover safe. The limits of those intense activities should be the results of joint consultation rather than wishful thinking on one side. Once the rules of the game set, observe them. Keep in mind that you can always say no to behaviors above your level.

Distinguish between fantasy and reality

Leila, Christian’s ex-girlfriend, is so addicted to being Christian’s sub that cannot get away. She extremely entreats Ana to send Christian back to her. When Christian shows up and orders her to kneel, she obeys the command unexpectedly. This is a classic negative example. No matter how much you are intoxicated with the role you play in BDSM games, you must come back to reality when the games end. Do not make the erotic scenarios permeate day-to-day life. This is good for your safety both physically and psychologically.

BDSM isn’t a disease

Last but not least, BDSM isn’t a disease. Christian’s kinky behaviors are ascribed to his tragic childhood. However, this explanation is inaccurate. It makes audiences under the mistaken impression that BDSM players are psychologically unhealthy. This kind of prejudice hurts the growing BDSM community. In fact, you don’t have to be ashamed if you are one of the BDSM players. It’s just about choice and preference of sex life.

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