5 Common Fetishes

5 Common Fetishes

A fetish is pretty harmless, as long as all those who are participating are consenting adults. Then what you do to get off is your business. A fetish technically refers to an attraction to an inanimate object, although this includes body parts or everything from role-playing to sex toys. Fetishes and kink are becoming increasingly mainstream, so a lot of people are starting to be free about their sexual life. They share ideas of what they are and what they want to do during sex with their partners. Everybody’s got the thing that works for them. When it comes to sexual fetishes, it’s not fair to say one fantasy is more normal than another. Even if your particular sexual fetish didn’t make to this top five, know that you’re not alone in whatever turns you on. Because there is a sexual fetish for almost anyone and anything.

Here are five of the most common fetishes out there. It’s always interesting to know what the most popular sexual fetishes and kinks are, and what people want to try in bed.

Domination and Submission

It does not matter what you like, you might enjoy being tied up, you might even enjoy tying up your partner, or like both sides. This is a fetish that most men like because it gives them control and power, but some men love it both ways. Dominance and submission are part of the BDSM umbrella in which one partner is bound, it involves the power exchange between two consenting adults. The submissive does what the dominant requires of her/him within their agreed boundaries of comfort. Someone who enjoys both the pleasure of dominant and submissive role is conceded as a “switch”.

Feet and Legs

Known as foot-fetish, this is the fetish of getting sexual pleasure out of licking, nibbling, sucking, touching and caressing someone’s feet to be pleased sexually. Also known as Podophilia/nylon fetish. This is a sexual fetish that is pretty harmless, enjoyed mostly by male partners when they are looking at their female partners (The look, feel, smell and maybe even the sound of steps when they are wearing shoes that just do it for them). If you’re into it, just think of all the foot massage headed your direction.


Role-playing means creating or acting a part of being someone else out a sexual fantasy with your partner. The beauty of role-playing is that you can have your partner dress up as whomever you want her/him to be and indulge your fantasy in your own home. The fun with role-playing is that the sky’s the limit, use your imagination to create your play. The sexual play takes place in the mind so you need to be creative with your partner to have endless fun in your playground. Have fun playing and go with what works for both of you.

Breasts and Behinds

This is a fetish of a person who is sexually aroused by breast or behinds, even both. Attracted by the size and shape of breasts or behinds. The majority man can appreciate these assets, all men with these fetishes may find it difficult to reach orgasms without direct view or even imaging the behind and breasts in their mind. You will know which one you’re into if you find your self watching her bounce around on top to get a nice view of the breasts or wanting to flip her around to do doggy style her beautiful behind.

Public sex

To other people, it might not seem like a fetish, but the desire to possibly get caught in the act or be seen by people around the public space is, in itself a fetish. Most people want to try it out in places like parks, gardens, forests, and fields. It’s a harmless fun fetish to try maybe like once with your partner, to improve tour fun sex life. Try to avoid being caught if you like privacy and find a place that is quit make sure that no one is around to see you and your partner.

Everybody’s got their thing go with what works for you and your partner. Sit down together and talk about what will work for both of you. Two people might be sharing a bed but can have different likes and dislikes, so you need to work out your differences to have a happy sexual life.

If words fail you, we have some tips for you to help you introduce fetish to your partners.