Are You Boring About Vanilla Sex

Are you boring about vanilla sex

An influx of people on our website have shown much willingness to spice up their sex life. They complain that their vanilla sex remains forever unchanged, express great frustration and ask for help. It must be clarified that “vanilla” here is used to describe the differences between the types of relationships and the types of intimacy. It has nothing to do with insult or other negative things. As reliable BDSM experts, here is some pertinent advice for you to turn your vanilla sex into an exciting erotic adventure.

Why BDSM Worth A Try?

If you are longing for changing your vanilla sex, we can say with certainty that you don’t have to settle for the usual routine. Give BDSM a try. All of the activities and tools keep sex fresh just like toppings added to vanilla ice-cream making it more delicious.

Various Charming Roles

As we all know, there are different specific roles in BDSM. Lots of people who identify as BDSM enjoy the roles they play because they could be completely disconnected with reality. In these transitory games, some of them experience their ideal lives and the other escape from the stresses or responsibilities of real life. Different roles bring different experiences. Without a doubt, they will burnish your plain sex.

Mutual Satisfaction

Consensus is the precondition for all successful and exciting BDSM plays. Both of the partners have the responsibility to inform the other one of what he/she wants and does not want. And you should set the limits in advance and observe them to realize mutual satisfaction. So you don’t have to worry about whether you are doing what your lover wants properly. Just concentrate on the games and enjoy the time.

Lovely Toys

The application of wonderful BDSM toys can be a killing part of your sex life. There are reasons why they are so popular. The toys are of various patterns and for players of different levels. Suitable toys help to enhance playtime and increasing the erotic sensations.
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A 4-step Guide To Getting Into BDSM

If you are intrigued but hanging in limbo because of uncertainty, get up your courage and we are your powerful backing. Here’s a 4-step guide to exploring the kinky side of sex.

Exert Your Imagination

Let your fantasies run wild figuring out your wants and needs. Your inner desire is the motivity of real practice.

Communicate With Your Lover

Before you start, arrange a date to discuss deeply about changing your vanilla sex. Many open and detailed questions are required to explore the deeper sexual desires of you two. The more effective information you get, the easier your exploration will be. Also, your limits of activities and safe words should be determined at this stage.

Learn Through Practice

Once you decide to give bondage a go, don’t engage in challenging acrobatics immediately. Taking baby steps is highly recommended. One new trial with a little progress each time is enough. After the erotic intimacy, basking in the afterglow, spend some time to do a review and think about how to make it even better.

Keep An Open Mind

If you are new to BDSM, doing some research is necessary. You could browse our Guide, subscribe to our Blog, join our Forum and Groups or attend classes locally. All of them will bring you enlightenment more or less. Also, keep your options open. Give everything a try as long as it is within your limits.

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