Beginner’s Guide To Caning

Beginner's Guide To Caning

Caning is one of the intimidating forms of impact play. You may be afraid of canes because they are rough pain-wise and conjure up all sorts of visions of punishment. However, caning is not all about punishment and pain, it does have a softer and sexier side. Then read our beginner’s guide to caning, and open up new horizons in BDSM play.

The Definition of Caning

In BDSM play, caning means the top or the Dom repeatedly strikes the bottom or the sub with a long flexible cane. The impact is concentrated along one thin area so that it is rough and always used as a punishment. In some other naughty games, it straddles the line between pleasure and pain, makes the receiver more sensitive to other types of touch and can be a great way to spice things up.

Choose Your First Caning

Canes are made of all kinds of materials and come in different sizes for different effects. Rattan canes are flexible and lightweight delivering a real sting. They are the first choice for the majority of beginners. Plastic canes are flexible, springy and easy to control. It makes plastic another ideal choice for beginners. Reed canes are extremely narrow and make for some impressive stripes on the bottom. Wood canes may splinter and break. By the way, it’s usually not recommended to use bamboo canes because of the risk of breaking or cracking.

Caning Techniques

A cane can be used in different styles, each of them produces different sensations. No matter how it’s used, it’s important to go slowly, practice often and experiment gradually.

With one cane in hand, you can strike with its tip as well as the mid side of the cane. The tip produces a sharp and concentrated sting while the side of the cane provides a duller sensation with a thud. Or just simply lash the cane quickly through the air, making cutting sounds to build up anticipation and fear. This scary swish does add to the sensation play aspect of caning.

Safety Tips

As with all BDSM activities, it’s must be approached carefully. Improper use can cause significant injury. Keep the following tips in your mind.

  • Negotiate limits and safe words in advance
  • Warm the sub up before games to improve pain tolerance
  • Avoid the tailbone,spine, kidneys, face, and neck
  • Don’t insertthe cane into a partner to avoid transmission of bacteria
  • Check your cane for splinters, loose fibersor any sharp edges
  • Never useporous canes with multiple partners

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