Beginner’s Guide To Flogging

Beginner's guide to flogging1

The next kinky activity introduced to most BDSM players after the spanking was flogging. Flogging is when the Dom uses a flogger to strike on the Sub’s buttocks, oftentimes rhythmically. It’s a very common stop on a BDSM journey. But floggers do help take you into erotic trance states or to bring about a sense of release. If you’re ready to add a flogger or two to your sex life, read our guide to get general information on types, techniques, safety and so on.

Choose Your First Flogger

BDSM doesn’t have to be all about pain. With all kinds of floggers, you can enjoy a delicious sensation experience. We recommend you start from soft leather or suede floggers. By the way, it’s probably best to steer clear of swivel handle design until you’re a little more experienced.

You need a firm handle allowing for easy grip and control.


  • Softand quite flexible
  • Usually half are suede and half are oiled leather
  • Provide a pleasant mixture of sting and thud sensations


  • Soft and gentle material
  • Has areal sting in its tail
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Alight and fluffy material
  • Switch between gentle and stingy
  • More suitable for experienced players


  • Severe flogger ensures a satisfying sting
  • More suitable for experienced players
  • May cause abrasions and cuts

Techniques Used in Flogging

Tickling Play

Drag floggers across the skin or gently brush the tails of the flogger between the legs and stimulate the genitals. The flirting tickle will turn you on.


Spinning the floggers in each hand fast enough so the tails fly out and will tickle the skin.

Vertical Flogging

Striking the body up and down, making impacts on shoulders and bottom.

Horizontal Fogging

Striking the body horizontally, usually across the bottom.


Use one flogger in a figure of eight motion across the bottom and up and down the back making an impact with specific areas, carefully avoiding the spine and kidneys. For more intensity, you can double up floggers or use two in one hand.

Safety First

  • Negotiate limits and safe words in advance
  • Practiceon a pillow or towel rack first
  • Avoid the tailbone,spine, kidneys, face, and neck
  • Protect sensitive spots with clothing, blankets,or pillows
  • Stop if you notice any symptoms of circulatory problems
  • Never useone flogger with multiple partners

Learn more details about safe play, read our blog – Tips For Safe Kinky Play