Gags For Beginners Review

Gags For Beginners Review

The gags are one of the staples of BDSM and take part in bondage, restraint play. It spices up your provocative bondage adventure and enhances intimate fun. We have shared A Beginner’s Guide To Ball Gags, including why people like gags, how to choose suitable ball gags and safety precautions. However, besides ball gags, there are vast and varied kinds of gags consists of novelty, wonder as well as extreme.

You may encounter bits, dildos, ring, funnels and so on. Which one should you pick can be overwhelming. BondageLove can help! We have summarized the top 5 essential gags for beginners.

Ball gag with nipple clamps


Breathable Ball Gag

This easy-to-wear ball gag is perfect for beginners. It is breathable, odorless and flavorless to ensure it always enhances, and never distracts from your fantasy. The nipple clamps enrich its functions. Just pull down the chains and every move brings additional stimulation.


Bit Gag

Bit Gag

It is softer and perfect for beginners. The bit fits easily and comfortably between teeth and won’t require you to keep your mouth wide open. It’s a nice alternative for those who may have small mouths or have trouble breathing with a ball gag. Bit gag helps to minimize the risk of injury and makes the whole experience less tiresome. The erotic moaning and mumbling add all the expected excitement and are very arousing for both partners.


Ring gag

Ring Gag

Shaped like a ring, ring gag is velvety-smooth and gentle on the teeth. It doesn’t cover the mouth but keeps it open, thus taking away the ability to speak. This type of gag allows you to enjoy BDSM restraint along with sensational oral pleasure, adding versatility to your playtime.


Bone gag


Dog Bone Gag

This dog bone gag is intended for your animal play. It transforms your sub into your very own playful pup and truly authenticates your puppy play adventure. Designed to comfortably enhance role-play fun, this gag is perfect for prolonged wear and effectively muffles your hound’s whimpers and howls of pleasure or pain.

Dildo gag

Dildos Gag

Kinksters rejoice, dildos gag will take your gag play into the next level. It’s a super-kinky variation on the traditional ball gag, filling your sub’s mouth to completely silence their moans. The large ball gag with exterior dildo amplifies your power play. Fill up your sub’s mouth and climb on and ride.