How do Sexual Fetishes Develop?

The word Fetish first came from a French psychologist called Alfred Binet. It is defined as an inanimate object or body part worshipped by a person. A sexual fetish is defined as a sexual excitement or sexual arousal in response to an object or body part that is not typically sexual. Sexual fetishes have been around for ages, just that in the early days’ people didn’t talk much about. It has evolved with time and people are starting to be open-minded about it. The internet has helped a lot of people to express their desires and find other people who may have the same interests in sexual fetishes. The purpose of sexual fetish differs from different people because some do it for fun and others for sexual experiments. In the olden days, people use to say that those who practice sexual fetishes may be mentally ill or experienced trauma in their life. Several studies show that it’s not a mental disorder, it’s just how people express their sexual life.

How do they Develop?

In theory, the researchers say, if you find your self exposed to something repeatedly during the time of your sexual arousal, the brain might come to link that object with your sexual desire. To some watching pornography and sexually experimenting during or around puberty it was another factor that led them to fetishes. If an object is pleasant to an early sexual experience we may associate that object with sex. Then the use of it continues that can also develop a fetish. The connection between the mind and body also has an impact on developing a fetish.

Wherever they come from, fetishes tend to last forever. You can develop new ones, but the old ones won’t be replaced. Every sexual experience is both psychological and physical, it depends on what you love and what makes you happy. We all have different tastes in life just like we do in food. Some theories say fetishes usually begin in childhood or adolescence. It also says that people are more open to developing fetishes because they are sexually excited more easily. Fetishes are more common in men but this doesn’t mean that women don’t have fetishes.

Types of Common Fetishes

  • ABDL [adult baby diaper lovers] – behaviors associated with diaper wear attachment styles and parental figure relationships.
  • Role Play – where couples use their minds to create a scenario for their sexual excitement.
  • Foot Fetish – this is when a person gets sexually aroused by another person’s feet.
  • BDSM Players – it’s people who like to use sex toys and bondage each other during sex.

No one is born with a fetish but when you start creating a feedback loop between brain, body, and environment, that’s when it’s starting to develop. The fetish lifestyle is not only about sex, but it is also about relaxation and stress relief. People have different reasons for being involved in the fetish or lifestyle, just make sure you are in it for the right reasons.