How To Have A Better, Bigger Orgasm

How To Have A Better, Bigger Orgasm

Orgasms are awesome! When surveyed, over 80% of women expressed their pipe dream of having more frequent and more intense orgasms. Achieving mind-blowing and consistent orgasms is kind of like winning a lottery. However, achieving optimal sexual pleasure may not be as hard as you think. Here are some tips to have bigger, better orgasms.

Know Yourself

Masturbate is the best way to know what you need physically. Spend some time flying solo and exploring your body. It takes time to know where to produce better arousal and what leads to the most satisfaction during clitoral or penetrative masturbation. Feeling yourself up in the shower is another good way. Bask in the heat and embrace your body. This helps you relax and get in touch with what feels good to you. Experts also remind that if you feel like your orgasms have been rare or not even there, trying to sex around your cycle. Because a woman’s libido peaks during ovulation, and she will be more likely to have an orgasm.

Slow Down The Foreplay

Foreplay prepares the key ingredients like genital engorgement and muscle tension for an orgasm. It includes kissing, cuddling, fondling or mutual masturbation. Let all of this simmer and attach importance to gradual building up arousal rather than a race to orgasm. Without adequate foreplay that lasts longer, the body just isn’t ready for satisfying intercourse.

Focus on your Erogenous Zones

For most women, the clitoris can spark extreme serious pleasure. So focus on sex positions that directly stimulate it. The G-spot is another erogenous area when stimulated may bring better sexual arousal and stronger orgasms. You and your lover need to learn how to locate and stimulate the G-spot efficiently. Besides, nipples are areas easily to be neglected but having the orgasmic potential.

Add Toys To Spice Up Those Senses

Whether it is a flirty spanking on the butt or a slight stinging on your nipples, playing with your senses can turn some people on. Consider investing in a blindfold, nipple clamps, floggers for a variety of fun ways to lavish in sensation play.

Workout Your Kegel Muscles

Pelvic floor strength has related to sexual satisfaction. Time to work out! Practice tightening your pelvic floor muscles for five-to-10-second increments, then relax and do it again. These can be done lying on your back in bed, or whenever you can fit them in. Having strong Kegel muscles is a great way to invite more intense orgasms.