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There are plenty of sensitive nerve endings located within nipples which make them a perfect area to tease and torment. Live out your wildest erotic fantasies with some gorgeous nipple clamps. They can be painful, pleasure or jewelry for your nipples.

FAQs About Nipple Clamps

How to choose a suitable one?

There are various nipple clamps for you to choose. Some are designed for intensity and extreme pain while others are beginner-friendly, with precise pressure adjustment. When you choose nipple clamps, take the intensity, adjustability and versatility into consideration, and pick a design you like. Luckily, nipple clamps on Bondagelove are pretty affordable, so you can easily try different types if you are hesitant.


How to polish?

While these toys are in position, you can further stimulate the buds. You can adjust the clamps for custom intensity. If they are attached with chains, give them a tug or add additional weights, you’ll be in kinky ecstasy.


How can I introduce Bondage to my relationship?

Bondage can be a perfect combination of romance, excitement, trust and intimacy. However, introducing Bondage into real-life relationships still bothers so many of you. You may not know where to start or words always fail you. Don’t be nervous, here are four suggestions may be what you need.

  • Open Communication
  • Knowledge Learning
  • Setting Up Rules

Read in detail here.

How to wear?

Before wearing your nipple clamps, take a few minutes to tease, kiss or lick them as foreplay to make sure your buds are standing at attention. Once you’re in the mood, put a clamp on your nipple gently. Starting slowly is highly recommended. Because reducing blood flow to nipples can be potentially dangerous. Also, these breast toys should never be worn for long periods of time and no longer than 15 minutes is recommended. Let your nipples rest for 20-30 minutes between games.


Safe tips for nipple play

  • Safety First!
  • Start slowly as well as gradually increasing pressure and intensity.
  • Take away the nipple clamps immediately if the nipple begins to swell or turn colors.
  • Check for circulation and numbness regularly.
  • Make sure that toys are cleaned and sterilized thoroughly.

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