Roleplay Fetishes

Sex is good but sometimes we need something a little more fun in our sex life. Roleplay is a fun way to improve sex life by spicing things up in your bedroom. The great thing about role play is that the sky is the limit. You can create any imagination you want, as long as it is reasonable for your partner. You try anything you can imagine as long as you’re comfortable with it. Eventually, for some people one role play style becomes their favorite, they regularly engage in it. Try to be open-minded and feel free to explore. Roleplay fetishes are one of the most common fetishes in the world.

According to the BDSM aspect “most common sexual role play involve a power differential and form a part of the dominance and submission role play”. Fantasy play should be fun and how seriously the play is taken depends on the people involved. Be playful and don’t worry about being perfect, just enjoy yourself during your play. Sexual role play can also be a form of foreplay and just be sexually arousing. It can take place anywhere you want. For example at work, at home, in a hotel or a car.

Tips For You 

  • Have a safe word to use when anyone of you wantsto stop.
  • When you are beginners in role-playing, start with the things you both agree would be fun and simple.
  • Try reading erotica, blogs and watch porn to identify the different role plays that are available. Then choose the ones you like the most.
  • Don’t do things that your partner does not like.
  • You even need a costume for a role play, just use your imagination.
  • Don’t worry about creating a perfect scenario, set your mind free and have fun.
  • Trusting your partner is very important, for example, he/she reveals a fantasy to you, it means they are allowing themselves to trust you with their secret sexual life.

Common Role-play Scenarios

  • Police-criminal: Where one person pretends to be a police officer and the other one to be a criminal, this can involve the use of bondage toys like handcuffs.
  • Animal/pet play: Participants can take on the role of an animal or be the owner of the animal. In other scenarios, both partners act like
  • Teacher-student: In this scenario, one person can pretend to be the teacher and the other person to be a student, you can put on a costume if you have one.
  • Doctor-patient: On can act as a patient needing the doctor’s help.
  • Photographer-model: Partners decide which one is going to be a model and which one is going to be a photographer. In this role play you can change positions anytime you want.

Besides, there are stripper-client, pirate-captive, meeting as strangers, handyman-housewife, businessman-secretary, Celebrity or role-model role play, age play and uniform fetish, etc. With too many role-play scenarios out there, you can even create your unique role play. In all of these role plays that exist try to find the one that is comfortable with you and your partner. Spice up your relationship by bringing a new dynamic to the bedroom.