beginner's guide to pinwheel
Wartenberg Pinwheel is one of the most popular senson play toys in the BDSM. If you are wondering what the appeal was behind this mystery toy, our ultimate guide will give you all the best pointers.

The History of Wartenberg Pinwheel

Wartenberg Pinwheel was invented by Dr. Robert Wartenberg who was an American neurologist and professor. Dr. Wartenberg left Germany during the Nazi occupation and settled in San Francisco. He became a clinical professor of neurology at the University of California in 1952. During his tenure, he invented this device to test the nervous response on the skin. These wheels are rarely used anymore because of hygienic concerns.

How to Use Wartenberg Pinwheel Use in BDSM

Nowadays the Wartenberg Pinwheels are often lumped in with BDSM toys and typically used for sensory play. Rolling the wheels across the arms, the back of the neck or neck will bring you a gentle sensation, or you can roll them across the penis, nipples or clitoris for a more intense sensation! Also, you can get different experience through changing the speed and pressure in which the toy is used.

Tips on Changing the Experience

  • Cool down the wheel with the freezer or a glass of ice water
  • Heat up the wheel with the warm water
  • Use with blindfold or other deprivation device

Wartenberg Pinwheel Safety&Cleaning

Lots of infections can be transferred by skin contact. To ensure the wheels stay in safe and playable condition, we recommend you to place the wheels in boiling water for a minimum of 15 minutes or by using a bleach solution, for everyday cleaning, a simple soap and water solution is acceptable. Keeping the wheels dry to prevent any rust, corrosion, or water spots is very important.

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