Top Penis Gag

There are vast and varied gags consists of novelty, wonder as well as extreme. Kinky players use gags for different pleasures. Ever wanted to gag your bottom with your penis? Or amplify your power play? Or keep your noisy sub silent during your sadistic game? A penis gag is the best choice. As the name implies, a penis gag is shaped like a penis. It is often used for scenarios like stimulating fellatio or humiliating the wearer. Penis gags come in different types and sizes. Large ones are visually impressive while shorter ones are safer. We’ve rounded up some popular ones here.

Medium Penis Gag

We recommend penis gags within 3 inches in length for beginners. Because this size wouldn’t go too deep during play. It is a petite, realistically shaped gag that fills up your sub’s mouth. Once slip this gag over, your sub is forced to stop speaking intelligibly or opening their mouth fully until you give the order. This gag is pleasant as well as invasive. It hits the top of the mouth, suppresses the tongue and in one configuration makes your sub drool like crazy.

Inflatable Penis Gag

As a super-kinky variation on the traditional ball gag, it fills your sub’s mouth to prevent him or her from making even the slightest sound. It features a customizable bit to fill the mouth, without inflation is squishy and soft. Once filled with air it can expand for advanced BDSM play. Many BDSM enthusiasts said “It’s also perfect for breathplay. Pump it up a few, lose a little air, and then release. You will be amazed at the incredible feeling.” Keep in mind, work up to this slowly.

Dildo gagLarge Silicone Penis Gag

Are you having mastered the pleasures of the gag play and looking for a new challenge? Step things up a notch with this penis gag. It marks great progress in your BDSM play. The large size fills your sub’s mouth to completely silence their moans. When using this mind-blowing gag, the view just like living a porn scene. It’s a huge buzz for both partners.

Here are some tips for your safe gag play – Beginner’s Guide to Ball Gags.