What Is Orgasm

What Is Orgasm

Orgasms are so great that everyone wants it and needs it. You can enjoy them alone or with your lovers. Usually, they are the ultimate goal for sexy-time. But what is an orgasm and what is precisely happening when you’re climaxing? Let’s discover the science behind the orgasm.

What Is Orgasm

The orgasm is widely defined as the peak of sexual excitement. During an orgasm, you may feel flushed or warm, heart rate will increase, muscles throughout your body will spam to relax while tense genital muscles will contract. Your brain is also releasing endorphins into the bloodstream, causing feelings of pleasure, closeness, and empathy.

Types of Orgasm

For men, ejaculation is a valid sign of having an orgasm. However, when it comes to women, it’s not so simple. Different women experience orgasm in different ways. The clitoral orgasm is the most common because the clitoris is the most sensitive organ in women. Another common orgasm is vaginal orgasms which are deeper in the body. They can easily be felt because the vaginal walls will pulse. There are also some niche types of orgasms. Some women could achieve orgasm during exercise, some women can orgasm purely through stimulating erogenous zones like the ears, the necks, and the nipples.

Benefits of Orgasm

Safe sex and frequent orgasms have many benefits such as:

  • Good for immune function
  • Reducing inflammation, stress, pain
  • Providing circulation and relaxation
  • Lowering cardiovascular risk

However, the incomplete knowledge of the orgasm has led to some common misconceptions. Do you have to orgasm during sex? Research has shown that orgasms are not so widely regarded as the most important aspects of sex. Vaginal and anal penetration or stimulation can still feel awesome without reaching a sexual climax.

All in all, the journey to orgasm varies in each individual. Take some time to explore and you may eventually find out what it is that gets you to that climax.

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