What’s Your Fetish – List of Popular Sexual Fetishes

Kink And Fetish

People often use the terms “kink” and “fetish” interchangeably, though, there is little difference. Kink is an activity that someone enjoys exists outside the traditional sex while fetish means someone’s entire sexuality revolves around the activity, some objects or body parts. For example, someone’s kink may be spanking, and they become extremely excited when they’re spanked. If only spanking can arouse them, spanking is their fetish.

While fetish may still come with social stigmas, It’s undeniable that it is becoming increasingly mainstream. You may already act out some of the most common examples, such as bondage. And research shows that at least half of us are interested in sexual fetish, so if you are curious about trying any of fetishes, you are not alone.

To better identify yourself in the fetish world, read on to learn about popular sexual fetishes. Maybe some of them apply to you. Leather Paddle with Heart Cut Out

Impact Play

Impact play contains spanking, flogging, paddling and any other activities of consensual striking. A strike on your butt, upper thighs, or other erogenous zones stimulates your skin’s nerve receptors and enhance thrilling anticipation and sensory delight. Many people start out simply use their hands for safe play as well as saving money. However, with further exploration, this kind of monotonous manual pain can’t satisfy their growing desire. Invest in some impact toys, you can experience every level of from a light slap on the bum to a crack of the whip and find out your limits.

Sexy Police AgentRole Play

It helps to establish a scene where you play your respective roles. The roles of doctors and nurses, executives and secretaries, teachers and students are very popular. There also is animal roleplay for those animal-conscious kinksters, where one of the players plays the part of the non-human role. Try dirty talk occasionally help to create your erotic scenes. All these scenes keep you both involved in the fantasy.

Anal Sex

According to our latest research, more and more young women are trying anal sex. There are a bunch of awesome things make people addicted to it. The bum has many sensitive nerve endings within it, which are so sensitive that the slightest touch is explosive. Therefore many of the enthusiasts have much more intense orgasms from anal sex. If you struggle to orgasm from vaginal sex, now you may find anal sex to be a different type. Do you want to give your man toe-curling, screaming orgasms that will keep him sexually obsessed with you? As that hole is so tight, his cock will get a salacious squeeze with every stroke.

Sensation Play

Sensation play contains a wide range of activities based on the receiving or withholding of different stimuli. It doesn’t mean you could hurt your partner out of your willingness. Rather, it brings pleasure for both of you by inflicting pain. Nipple clamps and Wartenberg Pinwheels are the most popular toys. Also, introduce a blindfold into your play, the deprivation of sensation makes you more sensitive.

Orgasm Control

It often stages in the scenario of dominance and submission. In this game, your master takes the reins and determine when and how you come to orgasm. When you are brought to the brink of climax, you are forced to stop. Over and over. You will be incredibly excited and horny when your orgasm is under the control of someone else.

Single Glove Armbinder With Over Shoulder StrapsBondage

In this play, you will be beautifully and completely bound all over or just be tied with a rope harness. Restriction transforms your bed into a den of iniquity filled with painful pleasure. No matter it is a form of art or a form of punishment, you will discover the delights of tie-up-and-tease play. Toys like handcuffs and armbinders may also add fun.

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