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Why Are Foot Fetishes So Common?

why are foot fetishes so common

Foot fetish is a sexual attraction or interest to feet and is also known as Podophilia. Some people mix it up with the shoe fetish also known as Altocalciphilia, they are almost the same but not the same. Attraction to legs and ankles also closely related to foot fetish. There are many types of foot fetishes that people like or prefer. They like them in different ways clean, smelly, sexy feet and some love earthy feet, broad or high arches. A foot fetish is not something a person should be ashamed of, just do what makes you and your partner happy.

When it comes to sexual attraction or interest, we all have specific things that turn us on. For some, it’s all about physical chemistry and some prefer just a good sense of humor, while others have more specific turn-on like feet. In other cases, if feet are not involved they simply aren’t interested. They need to be feet involved to experience climax or sexual pleasure. Many people with foot fetishes are also into stockings, shoes, and socks just anything that involves around the foot.

Why are they so common?

When it comes to why they are so common, different people have different answers. One study shows that some people have a foot fetish because feet resemble penises. Another says that foot fetish can result from cross-wiring in the brain. Our feet are very powerful body parts with about 200,000 nerve endings in the sole of each foot. Foot fetish porn is also now a widespread phenomenon and is also one of the reasons why many men and women discover their foot fetish.

Misconception about foot fetish

Many people wrongly assume that having a foot fetish means you have a mental disorder, which is incorrect. Other people say that foot fetish is temporary. Like any other fetish, once it is instilled in the brain, it does not go away forever. Foot fetishism is not a phase in a person’s sex life. Foot fetish can either come to someone naturally or was introduced to them by a partner. Foot fetishists are not perverted or creepy people. Foot fetishes can be a problem if you’re committing a crime to fulfill your desires or if you’re distressed about your fetish.

If you find yourself a partner with a foot fetish, you can expect many foot massages in your future. There is a holiday called I Love My Feet Day, a real holiday that occurs every year on August 17. Foot fetishes are just another way to be vulnerable with another human being you trust and care about. Our feet carry us all day long and they deserve a lot of love and care, consider your self lucky if you have someone who loves them.

Common fetishes of the feet include soft skin, pedicured toes, high arches, particular nail shape, and foot size. This applies to both male and female feet. Foot fetish can work during foreplay, oral sex, and intercourse.