Why do people bite during sex?

As we all know that various people enjoy various sex. Some like it soft and gentle while some enjoy rough sex like biting. Sexual biting is a passionate behavior that emerges when people are highly aroused during sex or foreplay. Many people don’t have a reason why they like to bite or scratch. They say it just happens automatically when they’re getting the pleasure that is blowing their minds. Everything is out of control like curling your toes or making that crazy sound O-face isn’t voluntary. In the sexual moment, the body just tends to do its own thing and it seems like every muscle wants to clench up.

Why do people bite during sex?

Sexual biting is also known as Odaxelagnia ( The act of creating or enhancing sexual arousal through biting ). Biting hurts and can be dangerous because human saliva contains at least 50 species of bacteria. Medical researchers show that human bites have higher rates of infection than other injuries. That is why the safe ward is essential to keep everyone safe from any danger. The majority of women fantasize about incorporating biting into sex. A researcher explained that biting tends or can lead to a fast escalation in arousal, causing the woman you are with to get turned on a lot faster than she would normally do. Sexual biting is an important part of the evolutionary heritage and common in several societies. It appears to be something women enjoy more than men.

Many men and women find biting during sex to be both stimulating and pleasurable, but that doesn’t mean that biting is for every person. If you want to introduce it to your partner or see if she/he likes it, the first thing to do is ask gently. Try gaining trust from your partner first and show that you’re as focused on their pleasure as your own. Also, try to test out without scaring him/her away and don’t force each other to do what you don’t like. Because things can be complicated when your partner comes to you and asks for something that you are not comfortable with or interested in doing.

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How to bite properly?

During foreplay, talk sexy while you nibbling on his/her neck if your partner seems to enjoy it, ask this “does this turn you?”. After talking about it the choice is yours. You can just jump straight into it or rather introduce it slowly and get used to it. You may already know that few spots drive a person wild, just concentrate on those special zones. These include the neck, nipples, clitoris, and thighs. Don’t start biting her here right away instead, nibble around those areas first, and wait until your partner begs you to start going harder. Start with a few slow, soft bites into a hookup, to get your partner comfortable with the idea of using teeth as a sex toy. Try going for it gently so that your partner experiences biting as a positive and playful pleasure. Also if you like to be more aggressive, ask your partner if he/she is okay with you biting harder. Remember you want to use your teeth as a way to channel your desire, not to freak your partner out.

Sexual biting is a kink that is pretty easy to enjoy without scaring anyone away. As long as this sexual behavior is between two adults and doesn’t cause any physical harm to anyone, it is okay. Have fun and play safe. No one needs to get hurt, bite your lover in a gentle and sexy way.